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New blog layout

Old & new
It's been a while since I wrote on this old blog, just over a year in fact. But I was determined to get something on before the year was out.

I loved my old layout and feel like it definitely served it's purpose, but the blog just needed a bit of refresh - I've had it for years. The new layout was inspired by a recent trip to Hawaii where I came across so many beautiful, intricate fabric designs. My aim was to capture some of that vibrancy and implement a tropical palette into the new design. Still needs tweaking a bit, but on the whole I'm happy. And now I've got it live, it makes me even more excited to post new things.

I feel like because I've had a bit of a break from blogging, I've reached a point where everything seems new and exciting again! Like how it felt in the beginning.

A lot has definitely changed since last year, including a change in career. I'm now in a much more creative job - which I love! So what this means is I'll now have so many exciting little projects to share with you all!

My latest travel diary should also be up on the blog soon too!

Hope you've all been keeping well and have not forgotten me! :)

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