COCOSKIES | An art blog: June 2015


Blog freebies

Free for personal use.
Today I've been messing around with black paint and it's been surprisingly therapeutic! I had no real final image in mind, I kind of just wanted to polish up my brush lettering. Plus I'd been meaning to create a new 'home' button for my own blog anyway. While I had all my paint out, I thought I might as well create a few others!

I would love for you guys to use them on your blogs. I think it would help give them a more personal touch, especially on sidebars! I'm actually planning to incorporate a few into my layout some time this week.

If you decide to use them, the only thing I ask is to link back here if anyone asks you where they're from, also don't claim the images as you're own. That's basically it! Enjoy!

One last thing, I've got to ask, has anyone else finished Season 3 of OITNB yet?! What did you think of it? I regret binge-watching it, because now I'll have to wait ages for season 4!