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The Breakfast Club

A mountain of food at The Breakfast Club, London Bridge.
So the other week I ventured into London. I've only ever visited four times previously and never stayed so this was an exception. Having already visited all the sight-seeing spots a few years ago, we decided not to do all that this time. Instead we opted for hitting up some nice breakfast places, a few markets and Boris biking. Whilst there we met some of our friends who we'd known online for years, it's crazy how fast time passes! It was so nice how we all just kind of picked up where we left off. We'd picked a really nice weekend for our meet-up, I think there was a mini heatwave going on. In the evening I visited a good friend from Uni who has been working there for a bit. We went to this awesome place called Little Korea in China Town. The food was so good, I'd definitely recommend it if you're ever in the area! It was so nice to see London come alive at night, previously I've never experienced that side of it.

On the first day we visited a very busy Bill's for food, it was lovely but we wanted to try The Breakfast Club for day two's breakfast. When in London... and all that. It also made perfect sense as it was only a 2 minute walk away from where we were staying. As expected there was a bit of a queue but once we got inside there was such a nice diner vibe. I ended up going with the full english, clearly overestimating how hungry I was! What I could manage to eat was delicious, but next time I'd probably go with the american berry pancakes. Later that day we visited Portobello Market and Notting Hill, when we returned there was still a massive queue. Londoners must love that place!

I really enjoyed my visit to London, but like when you visit anywhere I missed my bed. I also somehow managed to carry some peonies all the way from Portobello Market to Sheffield, so by the time I walked through the door I was ready to crash. All in all it was a good weekend with great food and a wonderful bunch of people.

I hope you are all well, it's been a while hasn't it? :)

p.s. Sorry for the lack of photos, I seemed to take more on my phone this time around.


  1. I have heard so much good stuff about The Breakfast Club. I've been meaning to go but I haven't got round to it! The past few times I've been to London have been such flying visits. I need to get myself to The Brekkie Club next time!! x

    Sarah |

  2. When I visited London we spent so much money on brunch o.o didn't make it to the Breakfast Club though, will do next time!

  3. There's so much choice in London though, I don't blame you. Pretty much all we did was eat haha.

  4. Yeah definitely if you get the chance, it has such a lovely vibe!


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