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Boracay Island

Photos taken with a GoPro Hero 3+ Silver edition & a Canon 60d.
Boracay, how do I even begin to describe you?

This is a place I've wanted to visit for a long time now. With family living about thirty minutes away (by plane) I had no excuse not to go this time around. And I'm so glad I did, because it really is as beautiful as the pictures convey it to be. Granted, it is teeming with tourists (myself included) but when you stand on the white sand beaches with the shallow, warm, turquoise water gently lapping at your feet, you begin to understand why. I feel that the Philippines is often overlooked as a destination, but with an archipelago made up of over 7000 islands filled with beautiful beaches and so many activities, it really shouldn't be.

Getting there
There are two airports within close proximity to the Island: Caticlan & Kalibo. Travelling to Caticlan will allow you to save time as it's only a 10 minute drive from the port. Alternatively you can fly to Kalibo airport, it's a 2 hour car ride away, but flight prices are usually cheaper than Caticlan. There are usually loads of shuttle buses parked outside the airport which drive you to the port, costing roughly 200 pesos (approx £2.85) per person. I think the government has recognised the recent influx of tourists heading to Boracay, so they've now accommodated travellers by resurfacing most of the road leading to the port.

Regardless of which airport you choose to fly to, everyone will have to catch a boat from the port. There are 3 small payments you have to make, including an environmental and terminal fee but all together everything shouldn't exceed 500 pesos (£7.10 approx.).

After getting off of the boat you can catch a tricycle (the island's main mode of transport) down the main road to your hotel. We went in October which is considered low-peak season and decided to find a hotel while we we there. There is quite a lot of choice for all budgets, you shouldn't have a problem finding a room.

Island layout
The island is divided into 3 main stations. Station 1 is known for having the more expensive hotels situated right on the beach. Station 2 is right in the middle of white beach. Most of the restaurants, bars and souvenir shops are located along here. This is also where most of my pictures were taken. If you want a cheaper hotel, you can usually find one down the sandy back streets of Station 2. Ours was relatively cheap and only a 2 minute walk from the beach. Station 3 is the quietest station as most of it is still being developed.

When it comes to food in Boracay you are spoilt for choice. There is a wide variety of fresh seafood available and quite a lot of bbq places. But if that's not your thing there are a few chain restaurants dotted around aswell. Walking along the beach front I managed to see a Mcdonalds and a Starbucks. The most surprising find was a Subway! I don't think they even have that in Cebu yet. If you want a nice fruit smoothie to bring on a boat trip, head to Jonah's located at Station 1.

Just like the food, there is a tremendous amount of choice for activities. The prices aren't too bad either, most activities range from 600-1000 pesos (£8.60-£14.30 approx.) and are water based. Just to give you an idea, you can: parasail, snorkel, scuba-dive, kite-surf, go island hopping, go on a glass bottom boat, go cliff diving, go on a banana boat and go quad-biking. If you fancy a less action-packed day, you can always just go and relax on white beach. The water is very clean and warm, and stays shallow for ages! The second picture of the fish in this post was actually taken just stood in the shore.

It was my first time there and I really enjoyed it. It was as beautiful as I'd imagined. There are a few other places I'd like to visit first, but I can definitely see myself returning to Boracay in the near future. Maybe next time with some friends from England, I know they would love it just as much as me!

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