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How to: paint galaxies

Today I'm going to show you how to make a galaxy painting like the one above!

Here's what you'll need:

Watercolour paper, watercolours (or even watered down gouache), ink, bleach and a white gel pen (or white acrylic and a fine brush). Once you've prepared everything, we can begin!

First you'll need to lightly brush some clean water onto your paper. I had a wide brush tucked away in a cupboard so I just swiped across the page once with that.

Next you can begin to dab on some of your watercolours, but you'll need to work quickly as watercolours can dry up relatively fast.

Once you're happy with those, get your purple and blue inks and start pipetting them onto the paper. Inks are a lot more concentrated/intense so use them sparingly.

If you want the inks to bleed more, I would suggest paint some clean water around the edges of each ink mark.

Remember, patience is key. If you just set them aside for a bit you will come back to a totally different picture because everything will have bled together.

Now for the fun part, the bleach! You can already see the image starting to change. If I was you I wouldn't use your brushes with the bleach because it will destroy them (no exaggeration), instead you can pour a little bit into the bottle cap it came with and carefully splashed it onto different parts of the paper. If you do it that way you're not *contaminating* anything either.

After this step, I began to paint some black watercolour around the edges to border it all off. Then I painted some clean water in between the gaps of the colours and splashed on some black ink. You can help the ink diffuse faster by rotating the page a little so it drips into the spaces.

In hindsight, I would probably add the bleach last just so you're not spreading it around the page in this step.

Once it's all dried grab your white gel pen/acrylic paint and dot some stars on. And that's it! Here's how mine turned out:

And as Neil Buchanan would say... try it yourself!


  1. Oh! Wow that's so awesome. Yours turned out so well, I'm sure mine would be a mess haha.

  2. Aha thank you Jane! I'm sure yours would be good! It's really easy :)


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