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25 June 2014

Breakfast II

Watercolour and a bit of white acrylic for the highlights
Another little practice but this time with a bit more colour. Now that I have the time, what would you like to see more of on the blog? :)


  1. Ah so cute again, I love your style! I think it's the highlights or something, I love looking at it.

  2. Well this looks positively delightful! Every time I see your illustrations they tempt me to whip out my paints and pencils :)

  3. Rachel Wright2 July 2014 22:29

    This is really great! It's lovely to be able to see you improving with each piece :) The strawberries in particular in this one are fantastic, very life like

  4. Hey, I found your blog recently and I'm glad I did! Your work is great. I love it!

  5. YES! I definitely need to do more of those! Just need to find some pretty bottles, if you happen to stumble across any let me know :)

    And thank you for the kind words :D

  6. Thank you! Awww that's great to hear, your paintings are AMAZING!

  7. Thank you so much Jane! ^^

  8. You are an amazing painter, all your work is absolutely stunning.


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