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Cebu photo diary

Malapascua Island
Maya at sunrise. This is where we caught a small boat to Malapascua.
Baby Angel. I miss playing with/looking after her so much.

Further up from the touristy strip of Malapascua we found a hidden, uninhabited white sand beach with the clearest of waters. All along the peripheries of the beach there were coconut trees growing like wild flowers. We even found a patch of wild pineapples growing over a small cliff face.
The waters were so clean, we couldn't resist going for a dip.
The chilled Captain
The boat we went on sailed around the whole island, allowing us to see many more little beaches along the way.
This main strip of the island is known as Bounty Beach and is well looked after compared to the places we swam at. Most of the diving resorts are situated along here.

Orchids intertwined with tree branches in my aunty's garden.

Loads of cousins = loads of birthday parties.
Chillies growing everywhere, looking a lot like fairy lights.
Lianna catching the waves in Oslob

Island hopping once again, this time we went to Sumilon Island which you can catch sight of on the shores of Oslob.

Sumilon Island usually has a small beach, but when we visited it was high tide. This wasn't a problem because we went for the swimming anyway and the water wasn't too deep.
The water is so clear,  the boats cast shadows on the sand beneath them.

The Hills of Busay, boasting an amazing panoramic view of Cebu City accompanied by good company and great food at a reasonable price. For five people (including drinks) the meal was around £12.

Badian at around 7am. Beaches always seem so serene early in the morning.

One of the small rock pools clustered around Kawasan Falls.
You can hire a bamboo raft for 300 pesos to take you under the falls, which is about £4.50.
Kawasan Falls
After climbing some steps to swim at some smaller waterfalls further up, we came back to the main falls and all decided to go on the raft one last time.
The journey back. One of my favourite things to do in the Philippines is ride on the back of my uncle's pick-up truck, just because it's out of the question in England.

Ready to zip line.

Forever taking pictures of Angel.
Papa Kit's dream team

Sheltering my cousin from the sun

Below are some of my favourites taken with the disposable camera.

The Butanding we swam with in Oslob, also known as Whale Sharks. They are huge, but really friendly and don't bite.

All photos were taken with a Canon 60D, with the exception of the last 8.
if you follow my blog/instagram/twitter you will know that I've been away for a while visiting family in the Philippines. It has been a real change to go to Asia rather than Greece like I have for the past two years. It's always strange returning to see all your cousins who were babies last time but are now speaking fluent English. But it makes me so happy just to see them in real life again!

I have had a amazing time, and managed to find so many new, beautiful places to visit. I definitely think they're worth returning to next time. People keep asking me if I'm glad to be back, whilst I'm glad I'm not been bitten by mosquitoes anymore I am missing my family so much. That's the thing about time zones, once you leave, it feels like everyone's moving on without you.

However, saying that, holiday blues hasn't been too bad this time because the weather's been so warm in England! I hope you're all well and enjoying your Summer/Winter - depending on which hemisphere you're in :).


  1. Fern Richardson23 July 2013 at 18:29

    So pretty, looks like you had such a lovely time. Still ridiculously jealous!

  2. Oh my gosh, where to start? The places you visited look so gorgeous, all that water is so clear! Looks like you got up to some fun stuff too, like swimming with the whale sharks (I would have been so freaked out) and is that a zip line over a lake? Baby Angel is so adorable as well. Looks like you had a blast with your family!

  3. Everything is soooo beautiful, you manage to find the most interesting things to photographxx

  4. Hey Jane, thanks for leaving a comment, I really did have a blast!

  5. I did but I miss it so much now :(

  6. August 2013 at 20:15

    wow! such beautiful photos :D xx

  7. The photographs are just gorgeous! And the water!!! I wish we had clear water in Cameroon, but we don't :( Anyway you are right, it is always strange to go back to see your family and see new faces or those babies that are no longer babies and you're like "when did this happen?" lol That's when you actually notice that time does go by. Thank you for sharing your vacation. Makes us want to take a vacation too. Maybe next year ;)


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