COCOSKIES | An art blog: September 2012


LFW: Daks

Daks (Ready to wear S/S 2013). Prismacolor pencils on brown paper.
The other day I was trawling through some of the London Fashion Week videos/photos and this collection really caught my eye. White dresses always look lovely which made this collection so elegant. So I thought I'd have a go at sketching a few. I was planning to do about three but spent more time than anticipated on this one. I'm really liking how Prismacolor pencils blend so nicely, allowing you to create a nice skin tone!

On Monday I'll be back at Uni again - so a massive stationary and winter clothing shopping spree is in order! I've also been thinking of buying a Kanken for a while now, so I'm finally going to bite the bullet and get one. ^_^

Hope you're all having a great weekend!
And hello to my new followers!


Barista creations

Hi everyone, how are you all today? Today is my birthday! But I don't have anything planned till Tuesday so I'm just having a nice chilled out day.

I did this painting two nights ago. It was made for a friend at work who is taking part in an annual barista competition held by my company. Can you guess where I work from the picture? ;)

She has done amazingly well so far, she's beaten four other baristas in our city and also won the regional heats. So because of this she's had to invent her own hot and cold beverages. Each beverage has to be presented to judges and part of that involves making a menu. Her drinks are essentially Thai-inspired americanos, so we thought it would be nice to use some tropical flowers! Flowers always turn out nicely in watercolours too.

It's incredibly tough, the early stages involved making perfect, standard coffee-based drinks such as lattes, americanos, cappuccinos and flat whites. But the flat white had to have a perfect florette, the froth on the lattes had to be specific in millimetres and the cappuccinos had to have a perfect circle of espresso around the froth.

Despite all of this, I'm really looking forward to seeing how far she goes, I know she will prosper and do our store proud!


Keep your head up

Fineliner on Moleskine.
I've wanted to visually present these lyrics for a while now, I just love Ben Howard's album so much and this is my favourite song on there.

Alice in Summerland

Aesthetic Magazine and the cutest diary I've ever owned from Ebay found through Katie's lovely blog. Below: A an illustration done using watercolour.
This is one I did for Aesthetic Magazine! We were trying something new, which involved basically imagining and creating a made-up editorial! This wasn't meant to look like Alice in Wonderland, but it was just something I noticed afterwards.

Aesthetic Magazine is doing brilliantly at the moment, it's been really overwhelming seeing how much support there's been. And it seems that the bloggers who helped contribute towards this issue are just as proud as us! Every time I scroll through my Instagram feed I usually catch a glimpse of our writers posting pictures of their articles in print. Remember, you saw their work here first before you saw it in Vogue! ;)

We've actually sold out at the moment! But due to the large interest generated I believe that Michelle has ordered another batch of magazines. If you feel like you've missed out and would like a copy remember to follow @AestheticMag for all the latest news.

This Blogland edition features the work of Lily, Victoria, Olivia, Zoe as well as many other talented ladies. So it's definitely not one to be missed!