COCOSKIES | An art blog: August 2012



Daphne Groeneveld

Prismacolor pencils & brown paper
So today my Prismacolor pencils arrived. Yay! I was actually really surprised how fast they came, I only got a dispatch email yesterday. I couldn't wait to try them out after hearing so many good things about them. Before I bought them I'd been using some WHSmith ones, which were pretty decent for £7.00. I'd say that the colours are just as good as the Prismacolors. But the Prismacolors have a better variety of skin tone colours, and they blend really nicely.

I did this drawing because I've always wanted to draw Daphne Groeneveld, I think she has such a pretty little face! It's not quite finished yet though, I think I might shade the face a bit more and add a few strands of hair. I don't know, I'm indecisive sometimes.

Hope you all had a good Bank Holiday! But if you're on your summer holidays anyway, it probably makes no difference. :)


Les yeux

Corrugated cardboard, pencil crayons and Sharpie poster-paint pen.
Call me weird, but I love drawing on brown card/paper. Everytime I buy something from Amazon, I save (/hoard) the packaging purely for this purpose. I think brown card is really good for skin tones in particular. But maybe I'll refrain from using corrugated cardboard next time, because I've actually punctured a tiny hole in the drawing. See if you can spot it! I have a brown paper sketchbook so I'll probably use that next time.

As much as I love using bright watercolours, it was nice to take a break from them and try something new and slightly more muted. I really like how the eyes have turned out in this. To add a sheen of moisture I've just added a tiny bit of Sharpie poster-paint pen on each iris. It's made so much difference.

I've ordered some new pencil crayons, so hopefully I'll be doing more like this in the future. The reference I used was an Asos model. I really hope you like this one, even though it's a bit different from my regular stuff.


This week's Instagram favourites

@adamsenatori, @mehmetsert75, @adrianasinke, @jonforeman, @adamsenatori, @shanluk2,
@gunhp, @hellohackney.
Hi guys! I've not been a member of Instagram long but I thought it would be nice to share some of my favourites from this week and introduce you to some new people to follow.

Also, is anybody else suffering from Post Olympics Depression? I know I am! It's sad switching on BBC One in the morning and seeing 'Heir Hunters' on instead of the Olympic Breakfast show. I'm really happy that the Paralympics will be on soon though, it means that we don't have to say goodbye to London just yet.

I loved Ed Sheeran's cover of Pink Floyd's 'Wish you were here' at the closing ceremony, so I just thought I'd share it here. Enjoy!


Summer treats

So I finally finished my Blackberry contract and joined the iPhone brigade the other day. I know that Blackberrys usually have a bad reputation, but I can happily say that in the two years I had mine it didn't break once. But sadly it was time to say goodbye and move on. A small part of me misses being so familiar with it, but at the same time I'm in awe of my new phone. It's amazing. I feel so behind, but there are so many cool apps out there! If anyone has any recommendations I'll definitely check them out!

I was also going to use this post to say 'add me on Draw Something', but the other day I sat down to play it and before I knew it four hours had passed. So I deleted it because I could feel myself becoming addicted. Haha.



I finally an Instagram account! You can follow me @Philippa_V. There's nothing on there yet, but it will probably turn into an amalgam of food and art pictures.


Aesthetic Magazine: The Blogland Edition

Well, I can happily announce that The Blogland Edition of Aesthetic Magazine has finally landed! Months of hard work and preparation from our writers and illustrators have gone into producing this beautiful second issue. And from what I've read and seen so far, the articles have been written to a truly professional standard; we are so privileged to have had the chance work with so many talented bloggers and can't thank them enough.

Interwoven with the beautiful words are lots of vibrant illustrations that have been painted by myself, Ella and Katie. Our art styles are so different, but somehow they work together! There is also some stunning photography in there by the insanely talented Lily but I won't reveal too much! ;)

I would love for you all to get a glimpse into the whimsical, dreamy world of Aesthetic Magazine. We are currently taking pre-orders, for just £4 + postage you can own a copy of Aesthetic Magazine! Not bad ey? Where can I buy it? I hear you ask... Just click on the link on my side bar, and it will take you straight there!

BIG BIG thank you to Michelle who has worked incredibly hard to string everything together. If it wasn't for her hard work over the past couple of months, Aesthetic Magazine would be non-existent.