COCOSKIES | An art blog: January 2012


Wish you were here

Yay for my 100th post! Click the image to listen to my summer playlist. This was drawn in pencil, biro and fineliner on a postcard, then finished off with some vibrant brushes on Photoshop.


Photo washing line

Here is another little way of decorating your bedroom. I have quite a small bedroom, so I love finding ways to make it more interesting. All I did was pin a thin belt (that I don't use much) to the edge of my shelf; it took about a minute. But you can use anything like string, ribbon, or chains etc. I then began to peg on a few Instax photos and other little pictures that were scattered on my desk.

Good things:
- You can buy 200 mini-pegs on Amazon for about £3/$4.70.
- Good for rooms of all sizes.
- It's really quick and easy to do.
- You can easily change the photos around when you get bored.
- You can display little keep-sake things that you'd usually forget about.

Again, I'm really sorry about not posting. I've realised that I either post about 6 times in one day or not post at all. But now that exams are over I have no excuse!



Sorry for my lack of posts recently, I have two exams within close proximity of each other - one this Saturday and one the following Friday. So I've been cramming basically. I've started using twitter more, so follow me if you like @cocoskies. Yesterday night I just felt like sketching dresses; I did three, but this was my favourite.


Struggling to find a font?

I found this great little site so I thought I'd share it with you all! Have you ever seen a nice font somewhere and no matter how much you've tried you just couldn't find it? Well, this is what this site is for: What the font. You (upload or) paste the URL in of an image with the font on and it will scan the letters and find it! I've used it a few times now, sometimes it doesn't find the exact font but it will find something really similar. So why not give it go?