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Art supply storage

1. £5.99 H&M, 2. £4.25 Ebay, 3. £6.74 Ebay, 4. £19.67 Amazon, 5. £11.49 Ebay, 6. £2.25 Ikea.
Now I usually use old glass jars (and basically anything I can get my hands on) to store pencils and things in, but over the past couple of months I've been hoarding more and more art materials. So I thought I'd go on a hunt for some pretty ways of storing them.

I thought I would share my finds because lets face it, I'm presuming most people have desks. And I know most of my readers are students! I think it can be something that people just kind of forget but in my room, my desk is the central feature that ties everything together.

So, why not make it look nice?


  1. These are so cool. I instantly loved the first jar to put my water while painting with watercolors. Right now I'm using one of those tiny old 35mm film containers. It's weird, right? One afternoon I had just busted open a new roll to take some photographs and I didn't have any containers around so I used that and it kind of stuck. hehe

  2. I think my favourite is the giant pencil sharpener one haha! I just shove everything into my drawers the only organiser thing I have on my desk is this teddy bear one I've had since I was 5.


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