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Barista creations

Hi everyone, how are you all today? Today is my birthday! But I don't have anything planned till Tuesday so I'm just having a nice chilled out day.

I did this painting two nights ago. It was made for a friend at work who is taking part in an annual barista competition held by my company. Can you guess where I work from the picture? ;)

She has done amazingly well so far, she's beaten four other baristas in our city and also won the regional heats. So because of this she's had to invent her own hot and cold beverages. Each beverage has to be presented to judges and part of that involves making a menu. Her drinks are essentially Thai-inspired americanos, so we thought it would be nice to use some tropical flowers! Flowers always turn out nicely in watercolours too.

It's incredibly tough, the early stages involved making perfect, standard coffee-based drinks such as lattes, americanos, cappuccinos and flat whites. But the flat white had to have a perfect florette, the froth on the lattes had to be specific in millimetres and the cappuccinos had to have a perfect circle of espresso around the froth.

Despite all of this, I'm really looking forward to seeing how far she goes, I know she will prosper and do our store proud!


  1. aw good luck to your friend! xx

  2. wow, that competition sounds intense but in a really good way. She must be so talented! Good luck to your friend! i love the illustration and... HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Have a lovely one.

    And good luck to your friend, that sounds like one intense competition, haha.

  4. Yep it's so intense, it involves making speeches too - which is why I didn't fancy it haha. Thank you for the birthday wishes, I had a lovely day :) xxx

  5. Thanks Jane! :D Yep it's a tough one! xxx

  6. Stunning illustration :) Best of luck to your friend! I love Costa; prefer it to Starbucks! Hats off to you though for working there, I would get too flustered as I'm a bit on the shy side. I so work in a busy store though myself, but I just think to myself 'if I worked in a coffee shop what if I forget how to make their order etc...' but the atmosphere of working in one does sound really pleasing.

    Where did you buy your Prismacolours? I've been looking for some good deals... found none really so far so perhaps I need to just buy some! They look beautiful though, so vibrant and great that they blend so well! Your drawings have been looking especially lovely also :) x

  7. Also... HAPPY (Belated :P) BIRTHDAY! :)

  8. Happy Birthday! Awesome blog I love your artwork!



  9. Happy birthday :)
    I just found your blog, love your drawings. I follow you now :)

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  10. Happy belated birthday! I love your illustrations!

  11. Happy birthday! I just discovered your blog and i have to say i LOVE your artwork! I wish i could paint with watercolours as well as you do! Ive been trying to master this technique for years but its really hard. I love how your watercolour works are full of light!:) awesome job:)
    a. /

  12. Thanks for the follow & happy belated birthday, you have a lovely blog so I am now following too! :D
    your a very talented artist! XOXO

  13. such a interesting post and the picture is very nice! your blog is very interesting. maybe follow? im glad if you visit my blog, too <3


  14. Thank you, that means a lot coming from a talented lady like yourself! :) xxx

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  16. i seldom see a blog that is dedicated to art and I love yours! this piece totally reminds me of weekend hangouts at cafés to chill and relax. Sweet!
    would you like to follow each other?Axx

  17. Your work is so incredible and I am incredibly jealous! xx


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