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Giveaway time!

Examples: 1.portrait, 2.Outfit snippet, 3.Wishlist.
Over the Summer I will be opening a little illustration shop - you may have seen this advertised on my side bar. I've been planning on selling custom watercolour illustrations for a while now. It was just a matter of time waiting for the academic year to finish. The illustrations will be a small price and can be used for things such as blog headers, blog profile pictures and posts! Each illustration will be unique as it is made just for you. The picture above shows a few examples of my painting style and the types of things I can do.

I decided to do this giveaway not just advertise my upcoming shop but to thank my readers for sticking with me. I really enjoy reading all the comments I receive and they inspire me so much to continue making art.

A few things to note about the giveaway: you can only enter by using the Rafflecopter app (comments won't be counted as entries), there will be two winners, the illustration will be a portrait (above: option 1), the illustrations will be scanned and emailed (you will not receive the original), the winners will receive an email with further details, the giveaway will end on the 30th of June.

If you do not win but would like a personalised watercolour image, you can always buy one from my shop which will be opening soon. Keep checking the sidebar for a link.

Best of luck!

P.s. Oh and before I forget, a big thank you to Pugly pixel for featuring me on her blog this week! If you would like to learn how make a magazine-style caption for your blog posts (like mine), head over there and find out how to do this using css.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Edit: Please make sure that you are actually doing the things you've ticked on the Rafflecopter app. I've been checking the entries today, most comply with the rules but there have been some saying they're following on twitter for example, when they're definitely not. These entries have since been deleted. When the winners are randomly picked I will be double checking those entries too.


  1. Amazing! Good luck Philippa :) xx

  2. Please enter me

    ohsogawjess at gmail dot com

    follow on gfc as jessica knox

  3. if i don't win, i will have to purchase one from your shop, they are so amazing!x

    sophie @

  4. This is such a good giveaway! *crosses fingers*
    Good luck with setting up the shop.

  5. Love ur giveaway 
    even if I don't win, I'd like to purchase from your shop by making accostomized of me

    Email: Iampauline1aol .com

  6. Christy Bridge11 June 2012 at 19:04

    hi there, i can't see the rafflecopter app, am i being thick? haha x

  7. Hey, I'm not quite sure why you can't see it. You could try going to the post link: or try viewing it on a different browser? :) xxx

  8. Super talented... love your style. I'd be tickled to win. *crosses fingers*

  9. What a great idea! Would love to win and have entered a couple of times! Yay! Will look out for your shop link, as I have no luck with these things... x

  10. thesatiricalstylist26 June 2012 at 14:37

    Lovely giveaway, your drawings are beautiful xx


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