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Aesthetic Magazine

Hey guys! A few months ago I was contacted by fellow blogger Michelle of Daisybutter to do some illustrations for her magazine. After watching programs such as Ugly Betty I instantly felt so excited to contribute! Getting work published in a magazine is like a dream for me.

When you have a look you will see that Michelle has put so much work into perfecting it, each page just seems to ooze elegance. I believe she originally made it for her third year Uni project, but we're hoping to continue making issues of Aesthetic Magazine. Since the target audience is predominantly fashion bloggers, we're looking for like-minded people to help contribute towards the next issue. So if you're a photographer, an artist, or a passionate writer that would like to have your work featured be sure to follow the Aesthetic Magazine blog! We'll let you know of the opportunities coming up.

More information:

Aesthetic is the young feminine professionals’ magazine with distinctive fashion flair. Created for the educated, stylish and creative graduate, Aesthetic aims to ensure that the Aesthetic reader conquers the working world, one Louboutin-heeled step at a time. Aesthetic brings the perfect blend of beautiful clothes, luxury leathers, off-the-cuff shopping destinations, interiors and cuisine amongst much more. Fresh and quirky, classic and conventional, inspirational and accessible, opinionated and cultured, creative and ambitious: this is the modern-day female Aesthetic.


  1. Congrats Philippa this is amazing! So excited about this x

  2. YEY! So flippin' excited to get everyone on board (: and thank you for posting about it! My post is going up tomoz, and I shall email you in a bit with the contributor slots so far, I'll let you add the art, photography, etc. positions! xx

  3. Yvetvdn.blogspot.com8 May 2012 at 22:21

    loved the first issue! hope there will be many more. your illustrations are very pretty :) x

  4. The illustration you did for the cover is gorgeous! The magazine looks amazing, all round.

  5. Fern Richardson10 May 2012 at 16:34

    ah philippa I've just seen this post but your illustrations are so so lovely xx


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