COCOSKIES | An art blog: December 2011


Wardrobe staples according to Lauren Conrad

I'm going to try and collect some of these items as one of my many resolutions. Have a great evening, see you next year ;)


Carola Remer

This is another favourite model of mine, I've realised that I like certain features on models, hence the ressemblance between Carola Remer and Lily Donaldson. I used pencil and fineliner for this one (I seem to be using them a lot lately). The fineliner helped make the eyes stand out that little bit more and made the shape of the face a bit bolder. It's ended up being greyer than planned, but that's because the scanner brightness was set too high. Oh well, I think I quite like the final outcome!

I hope you've all had a wonderful Christmas! I can't believe it's 2012 in 6 days, time really does fly. See you all in the new year!

P.s. There is a link to the motivational/study playlist on the navigation bar - if you're interested. It includes the ten songs I posted a few days amongst others.


A motivational playlist

I threw this together for all you people studying for January exams. I really hope you enjoy it, it's definitely a mixture of old and new. Since this is a 'motivational' playlist, I will put together another one for when you're actually studying. I find instrumental/classical songs better to work to, these songs are mostly just to boost your confidence! :) Plus, I needed an excuse to use this beautiful font I found. It's called Otama and is free - as far as I'm aware.


1. Sigur Rós - Hoppípolla
2. Passion Pit - Swimming in the flood
3. The Verve - Bitter sweet symphony
4. Shapeshifters - Lola's theme
5. Calvin Harris - I'm not alone
6. U2 - Beautiful day
7. Yasmin - Finish line
8. Blur - Song 2
9. Keane - Stop for a minute
10. Chase & Status - Blind faith

Image source: Kris Atomic


Chunky knits

The ones 2 watch is my new favourite website, there are so many beautiful editorials to draw on there. I picked one called Almost Quiet, the Model is called Katiusha. She's so beautiful! Materials used: Black biro and pencil.

I can't stop drawing eyes


Monday's festivities

Whenever I read other blogs, I always find picture posts of what they've done in the week really interesting. So, I've decided to do one - for a change. Although, this all happened in one day.

1. A cardigan for my work Secret Santa. 2. I love Paperchase's wrapping paper so much. 3. Christmas decorations 4. My gift for my second Secret Santa (Possibly the best Christmas card I've ever found.) 5. On a shopping trip with friends from Uni. We ended up playing on the Wii in the middle of the shopping centre. 6. Obligatory Nando's photo. I now love Nandos! 7. A cute hat that I bought for the winter weather. 8. An ounce of satire.


Orange carton

Hi everyone, I found a lovely, beachy picture on Oracle Fox yesterday and decided to sketch it out and experiment with pinks and oranges (generally a good combination and one of my favourites). I airbrushed a bit of colour underneath to make the shapes stand out more. Also, I thought I'd post an Ed Sheeran song, because let's face it, who doesn't love Ed Sheeran at the minute? The song is called Drunk and it's my third favourite on his album "+" after A-team and Lego house of course. P.s. the hands really remind me of Jo Brocklehurst's work.


Dream house dreams

Everbody has imagined their future house at some time in their lives; here is mine. I would happily live in a place like this. I'd love to have an open plan balcony with a cosy living room at the top, a log burning fire, shelves filled with dvds and books,a window to look out of on rainy days and wide comfy sofas with lots of cusions and blankets for when friends stay over. The balcony rails would have fairy lights interweaved in them. It would be like a fort/den kind of place.

I shall keep dreaming.
I just thought I'd share a cosy picture with you all and a beautiful song to accompany it. For me it seems to match the picture, I don't know how to explain that but it feels more magical? I heard this song last year; for an end of term treat our psychology teacher let us watch A beautiful mind. The song is called A Kaleidoscope of Mathematics. It's a true story about a mathematical genius suffering from Schizophrenia. This song is perfect for listening to if you're revising/studying.


No. 5

Anything is possible with a cup of tea

Yes I've been drinking more tea lately! No idea why to be perfectly honest. But that's why I thought I'd do you this little sketch.

I hope you've all been keeping well. It's tried to snow here but just ended up sleeting instead. I think a winter shopping trip is definitely in order.


Circa June

I drew this whilst chilling under a parasol in Greece.


Here's a drawing I did for Elizabeth at Hivenn. Her blog is so unique, it's filled with beautiful photography and she makes her own jewelry! Click here for the blog and click the illustration for the shop. :)

Old school

This was a drawing I did for my gcse project when I was 16. Time really does fly!


I love everthing about this video: the scenes, the injection of culture, the story, the music. Everything.
If you like this one there are more, just search 'Live the language'.