COCOSKIES | An art blog: November 2011


H+M x Versace

The printer/scanner is all wired up so here's one I did about two days ago.


Yayyy, quick update. I've finally ordered a printer/scanner, so in the foreseeable future I won't have to take pictures of my art. And I've just paid a small deposit towards a trip to Paris in March. Happy face.


Sasha Pivovarova inspires me

It only takes a mere glimpse of Sasha Pivovarova's art work to become instantly inspired.


Brown sketchbook

I bought a brown paper sketchbook after work on Sunday. I'd been meaning to buy one for a while because I just love how you can highlight features with white pencil crayons. I really want to fill it with more abstract stuff. On these two drawings I've kind of stuck to what I know and used similar shades, but next time I might try and throw some oil pastels into the mix (if I can remember where I left them). Ahhh I love drawing. I was meant to be doing some reading for Uni, but sometimes you need a break, you need to do something you love to rejuvenate yourself.

The two models I used are Gemma Ward and Lily Donaldson. Enjoy your week people!


Here's a little wintery tune for your good selves to enjoy. I think the Wintery picture really matches the song. For those of you that like it, the song is called 'Catholic Pagans' and it's by Surfer Blood. I'm really liking this band at the moment.

Picture from weheartit, drawing by me.


Be creative when you study

My concentration levels aren't always good when it comes to studying, so I found a solution. When you combine something you love with something important, the two merge together seamlessly. When I started my A Levels, I bought a Moleskine (accidently). The purpose of it was to work as a little sketchbook, but I bought the notebook instead of the one with thick drawing paper. But I decided to re-write my notes whilst adding little illustrations. It actually made revision fun. It almost felt as if I was putting a book together and everytime I read it on the bus I felt quite pleased with myself.

It's a great way to revise for a number of reasons:
- You get to draw! (If you're arty this will appeal to you)
- You can test out your typography skills
- You can be creative and really plan and make a page look good
- Once it's finished you can carry it everywhere instead of carrying big heavy text books around.
- By writing/drawing it yourself it's more likely to add semantic value to it - meaning you're more likely to remember it.
- After reading it a lot and looking at the pictures you've drawn you'll be able to visualise the pages in the exam.

I could go on. But seriously guys, it's much more fun than just writing on lined paper or just simply reading your notes. I don't think you take them in as well that way, somehow.

(In my current Study-Moleskine you can see I've had fun making the titles fancy and colouring in. Neuroscience is one of the topics covered on my course, so I was labelling the brain and the functions, hence the eye and mouth. I hope you've learnt something.)


One of my favourite bloggers

You guessed it, it's Rumi of Fashiontoast! I love the effect of drawing on brown card, it makes the drawing seem more interesting and almost vintagey. I buy a lot of things from Amazon, and I've been a bit of a magpie in saving the packaging. But now I can use them to build my own sketchbook; I'd love to do more drawings in this style and eventually tie all the images together and make a front cover. Try it out yourself!