COCOSKIES | An art blog: August 2011


MK & Ashley

MK & Ashley in watercolour and 8B pencil. Yep, still need a scanner.

Package from Singapore!

Receiving parcels is still one of the rare things I get genuinely excited for. Today the postman brought this package from Anamei who lives in Singapore. She sent me all these snacks (how cute is the packaging?!) What I've tried so far has been yummy, can't wait to try the rest. Opening all this has just made me want to travel around Asia even more and stock up on cute stationary and snacks!

In other news, if you've been following my twitter you'll know that I got my place at my first choice University!! Asdfghjkl. As of September I'll be studying Psychology. I actually can't wait but at the same time feel so unprepared. I'm being bombarded with all these welcome letters from University so I'm going to have to sort through them and get myself organised. I also need to complete my application for a scholarship, which I've almost finished, I just need to write a personal statement. I'm so excited to meet new friends and start this new stage of my life.


Lime light

Meet one of my favourite fashion bloggers: Fashion Toast/Rumi Neely. Her pictures are always so beautiful, I will probably end up drawing even more of them.


French snaps

Surprisingly, I didn't take as many photos as I thought I would in France, but from the ones I did these were my favourites. I used this site: to make the photos look like polaroids. The originals are on my flickr.


Hello my lovelies

I have returned! I had a wonderful time and I'm in an even better mood knowing I've picked up a few followers whilst I've been away. I hope everybody has been keeping well. This illustration was painted by done with conformity. When I saw that she was doing a blogger project I couldn't resist requesting a picture. She has a lovely style, just look at the header on her blog... wow is all I can say.