COCOSKIES | An art blog: May 2011


YSL rings

A quick sketch of YSL's arty rings, they are becoming an obsession.


After anticipating its arrival for a week, my Graze box finally came today! Graze specialise in healthy snacks There are about 100 different punnets, I'd recommend that you look through the list and pick what you'd like to try so they know what to send you. I was sort of surprised about how small it was, I was expecting each punnet to be the size of a chinese take-away box but they were more matchbox size. In a way, I don't blame the company, after all it was free. So moving on to the mini review of what I got, I received: 'apple and cinnamon flapjack', 'fruit and nut', 'the beach' and 'cheddar gorge'. The apple and cinnamon flapjack was so yummy I'd rate it 10/10! 'The beach' was made up of dried mangoes, pineapple and banana, I'd give it a 7/10. The fruit and nut was chocolate drops, hazelnuts and raisins which was nice but a bit plain so I'd give that a 6/10. The 'cheddar' gorge was probably my least favourite because there were cashew nuts in there and I'm just not very keen on nuts. So I'd rate it a 4/10.

If you want to try some of their healthy snacks I'd say go for it since it's free, but for me I don't think I'm going to continue ordering anymore. They're good if you're trying to lose weight and need an alternative snack to biscuits. After the free box the next is half price and then they're just over £3 each. I don't really think it's worth it considering the size, but it's up to you to decide. I've got a free code to give to people to get their first box free, R9TQLXD. I'm not really sure why they offer a code because everyone gets a free box when they sign up, but I thought I'd offer it you guys anyway. (Unfortunately you can only order them if you're a UK resident, but if I find any alternatives I'll edit this post.)

I liked the pictures in the box so I made some room for them on my noticeboard. I like to save little things like this.


Art journal update 28/05/11

Seriously people, ink and bleach is the future! For the lettering on the first photo I had a spare bit of paper that I'd used ink and bleach on and it's created this cloudy-night-sky effect - and I don't think that it even took long to do. So if you need to label up your pages for an art project I suggest this technique as it's quick.

The first page is of a mock up of my final piece, but it technically isn't a mock up since I did the final piece before it. But oh well, you have to please the examiners. This final piece wasn't even my idea, it was my art teacher's. I did another one originally but he basically said I needed to do his idea. You'd think in A2 art you'd be free to explore your own ideas. I'll be glad to get this project over with. I want to draw/paint fashion, not fish.

Last two photos: watercolour, ink and then bleach. Engraved oil pastel.

Recently I've had an influx of followers, so thank you very much for that! Right now I have a problem on my dashboard, whenever I click followers it doesn't show me who's actually following, so if you like, drop me a comment and I'll be sure to check your blog out.


Alexey Kurbatov

I found this illustrator whilst doing my contextual studies and I am in still in love with his artwork and the various styles. If you look on his portfolio site you will see that Kurbatov is extremely versatile with a wide range of mediums. I think that sometimes (when studying art at school/college) it's nice to mention a new name to the examiner. They'll be so used to seeing Van Gogh, Monet, Dali and Magritte - who are great but a modern day artist is a nice change and really exhibits your interest for the subject.

This artist and this video combined inspired me to purchase some water brushes. They allow you to do these sort of detailed watercolour/gouache paintings. Luckily they came today! I'm really looking forward to summer just because I'll have freedom/time to draw/paint whatever I want in my Moleskine.



Admittedly at first I didn't think it look like it was going to turn into anything amazing, but as you watch it it really does start to turn into something spectacular. Just watch. Also, apologies for the lack of posts I've been trying to meet deadlines and revise.