COCOSKIES | An art blog: April 2011


Art journal update 24/04/11

I'm finally catching up on my art work - at the expense of revision for other subjects. But it really needs doing and I'd hate to get a bad grade for art. I'm pleased with the first painting, but when I look at the other two they look a bit creepy on my laptop screen.

So it's 5 days until the big wedding! Today I watched this movie about how Kate and Will met, it was kind of cute - I have to admit. I didn't see what the big deal was about, but this movie has made me a bit more interested. Luckily I get the day off college for this. And Monday. And Wednesday. Is there really any point in going this week?


Gyotaku prints

So the other day I was searching for artists online for my contextual studies, and I came across a Japanese method of printing called 'Gyotaku'. Traditionally, you would paint the side of a fish with sumi ink and then use rice paper to lift/collect the textures made. It's really simple but so beautiful at the same time. My dad's is going through a fishing phase at the moment, so he let me use one of his catches.

I also bought a few things after work.
(Ring: Primark, Bracelet: H&M.)


Ink and bleach

This has to be one of my favourite combinations when it comes to drawing. All you need is ink and bleach to get this lovely contrasting effect. And when you brush it on lightly it seems to add a slight glow to whatever your subject is. I find that this technique is particularly good when creating textures and tessellating patterns.