COCOSKIES | An art blog: March 2011


Art journal update 30/03/11

Above: collages for my first project on journeys. The drawings over to top are supposed to be coconut tree leaves, but on some you can't tell. I guess I just posted this because I liked how the page was layed out.

My friend opened her birthday present from me which was a Diana camera and she loved it, I was so happy :). In other news, my other friend has just passed her driving test so she's been driving us everywhere. I got off the bus 8 stops early just so we could go for a cruising session. I want to try Taco Bell, on "Sixteen and pregnant" they're eating these cheesey nacho things - which look delicious. Come on UK, we need new places to eat!



Solidarit├ęs International et BDDP Unlimited veulent faire couler de l'encre



Wooo my sketchbook is finally coming along, today I finished the pencil drawing I posted the other day. Which is rare, because I usually get bored after I've drawn the eyes and leave it. I find that once you finish one thing, everything else falls into place. I thought I'd also post some images of my friend Imogen! I took them on friday and liked how they turned out. (Oh yeah, the cigarette. We were trying to make the pictures look a bit vintage to fit in with my punk theme.)



After alternating between various ideas for my art project I've finally come to a decision. I'm going to look at the representations of punks from the 70s. I can tell that this project is going to be very interesting because the styles are so unique and subversive. I love that the colours are luminous/neon-ish. Everything above is what I did today and yesterday, I'm liking how it's developing so far :)


First drawing I've done in ages

Recently my art work has been a little neglected so I decided to do some to make up for wasted time. I'm making an attempt at drawing a girl's face in fragmented, glass pieces. It's hard but it's not looking too bad. I'm doing this because the theme of my new project is called "Exploration and Discovery", the examiners will be expecting drawings of ships sailing abroad and stuff but I don't want to do that. I like drawing people so I'm going to link it in by saying I'm exploring and discovering identity. Good idea? Hehe. I think we have about 4 weeks left for this project and I've not even started it, I have 2 pages of sketchbook work so far. Oh dear. I'll catch up :)

Also, the other day I was messing about (like you do) and I made these two ink pictures. I really like theme and they didn't even take that long! They remind me of the ocean or some kind of cove.


A little thank you

Recently I've been getting quite a few new followers, so I'd just like to say thank you! It makes me happy to see new comments :)

So! I'm thinking of doing a little contest when I hit 100 hundred followers. All you have to do is follow and comment (when I reach that amount). I will make another post that it more in-depth. The prize will probably be a little watercolour portrait of the winner and some other goodies! I'll have a think about it.


Beauty starts here

After today's pointlessness of having only one lesson, I came home at one feeling a little bit creative. To take advantage of this productive impulse I got out my watercolours and a few pens and did a fashion illustration. The person I've used is one of my favourite bloggers - who I only found recently. The other day she posted a lovely outfit and the photo of her was stunning. I had to use it for something! I've not posted it right now because I'm planning to do some more of the people I'm following. I think they'll look nicer together, as a set.

I also really want to post more pictures of my outfits on here, I bought a lovely, bold playsuit the other day from a vintage store called COW, if you've never heard of them they are definitely worth checking out. I bought some old Levis Strauss jeans there for £3! They had a small hole in them, but I'm going to turn them into shorts so that doesn't really matter.

College is sort of lagging at the moment, I've just finished my 2500 word draft for english so I'm really glad that's out of the way. It was such a burden. Also I seriously need to crack on with some more art-work. I think I will get some done, because making this blog has given me a reason to do some illustrations. It feels like I'm doing them for fun. Then this thursday I get my Psychology grade back from my January Exam, it counts for 25% of my final mark so I'm really hoping it's an A.
Fingers crossed!


Coffee bean

You know like when you're becoming a pilot you earn your 'wings'? Well I've just earnt my coffee bean badge at work - which I see as the equivalent haha. (Some of you might already know that I work part time a coffee shop). Receiving this means I am no longer in training and I can now make all the drinks yay! I love the word 'barista'. I seriously use it too much. I'm really happy though, because I've had an "in training" ribbon stuck under my name badge since summer. I'd completed my training booklet since then, but with a new boss joining the team I guess it kind of just got forgotten about.

Oh my, I think I have the cold again. Actually, I know for sure. It really isn't nice, I keep sniffling and my friends keep thinking I'm upset because I look like I'm crying haha.


Lily Donaldson

A painting I did about a year ago, I would love to do more like this.

New food love: Fajitas

They're so easy to make too! You can put anything you want in them. In mine: Salsa, sour cream, shredded spicy chicken, salad and grated cheese.


Recently I've been really busy but I have so many ideas for posts. But seriously, my half term wasn't even a break, I was doing something every day. On one of the days, Saturday I think, I went to a vintage store then the cinemas with two of my friends. We wanted to see "Just go with it" but that was on in the evening and it was lunchtime. So we saw "Big momma" instead hahaha. After we went to a sweet shop! They make me so excited and giddy, one of my dream jobs would actually be to own an old fashioned sweet shop. Ahhhh. Anyway, it was lovely and so colourful. Reminded me of my youth.