COCOSKIES | An art blog: January 2011


Secret admirer

After signing up for the secret santa exchange on the board I post at (you probably all know which one :)) I loved it so much, I've decided to do the valentines secret admirer one. Ahhh I seriously love snail mail and what makes it better is not knowing who it's from or when it's coming.

Last time I did it, I felt kind of bad because I'd received so much but I'd only sent a card with some stickers. So this time I've decided to give a little more and I really hope the person I've got likes the stuff I've bought!

I've bought them two lipsmackers (because they were on the counter and looked cute), some Barry M nail polish (because they don't have it there and Barry M is like, England's answer to OPI hahaha), and some cute jewellery from Primark.

I also went to Hollister today. I don't usually buy their clothes, NOT because I don't like the designs but because EVERYONE wears that stuff now. I don't know, I think I'm just instantly put off things that are everywhere. The store was seriously crowded though and to make things worse it's all in the dark. I managed to fight my way through however to buy a t-shirt and some spray for my friend's 18th birthday. My bank account's feeling a kick this month, there's so many people turning 18. The wrapping paper is from Christmas but who cares it's cute.

I bought some collection 2000 concealer today, I wouldn't normally go for that brand but my friend said their foundation was pretty good. So I tested out their concealer and it is actually REALLY good! Another thing I've bought recently is the Urban decay primer potion, there's been so much hype all over the internet so I thought I'd see what the fuss was all about. When I was applying eyeshadow over the top of the primer I didn't think it was anything amazing, but when i got out of the bath I realised why everybody's been talking about it. I'd rubbed my eyes but it was still there! In perfect form, not smudged or anything. In fact, I'm a bit worried I won't be able to get it off for college tomorrow morning. Bought some sunglasses today too, I've always wanted a pair of Ray-ban Aviators but Primark's £1 version will have to do for now.


Mac Chatterbox lipstick

For Christmas I recieved a giftcard for Debenhams, so I thought I'd invest in my first piece of MAC make-up. What made me buy this shade was a tutorial I saw on youtube, it's just a really simple, everyday colour with a light pink tinge to it. I'll probably post a picture of what it looks like on some other time (when I haven't got a massive spot).

A picture I took in the summer


A2 project

Wooo my final piece is coming along... finally! I've still got to finish the bottom corner. As for the sketchbook, I haven't had much time because I've been revising for my exam on the 28th. Arghh it's like two weeks away now.


Moleskines & Vogue

I love Moleskines at the moment. I've currently got two, one for revision notes and one for art (sadly this one hasnt been used much lately). I just love how they're neatly binded together with a black elastic band. And I just find it easier to browse through my notes when they're all written in my own writing. I also like how you can illustrate the blank pages yourself, I like to draw little pictures so I get a balance of creativity and solid revision.

The other day I added a new addition to my little collection: The Moleskine diary. As you can see from the pictures, it's a lot thicker because there's a page for each day of the year and loads of useful things in the front like a map of the globe, a ruler, international holidays and even a travel planning section. One of my new year's resolution's was to become more organised, and I really think this will help.

I'm wondering whether to subscribe to Vogue again, because I just got out all my magazines and realised how good the photography was. Hmmm.


Pearls and bows

Necklace: £2.50 | Bracelet: £2.50 | Earrings (set of 3): £1

After seeing Chanel's jewellery designs on the runway a couple of years ago, I have to say I've loved the combination of pearls and bows in jewellery ever since. Pearls have remained a timeless, must-have accessory for generations and undoubtedly will do for years to come. Simple pastel coloured bows really do seem to quietly compliment pearl necklaces and give them a classic yet minimalistic look.

Bearing this in mind, before work yesterday I thought I'd kill some time by having a look at Primark's jewellery selection. Normally, I feel they go a little over the top and make everything look tacky, but yesterday they actually had some decent stuff. SO, I bought a few things!

I'm thinking of mailing a bracelet like this to my next secret santa recipient.

Belated Secret Santa

I really wanted to make a post about this on the day it came but I forgot. About two days ago a mysterious parcel arrived with my name on it sent all the way from Canada! I opened it and realised that it was from my secret santa at a message board I post at. My secret santa, Alyse, had been so generous in what she sent too! I was overjoyed because that was the day it had been raining relentlessly and I'd just got home from college - soaking wet. I'll be honest, it really did brighten my day. I like the sentiment that is delivered with a card/parcel, I like knowing that someone has taken some time out of their day to write something lovely (in their own handwriting) and I like knowing that the parcel itself has travelled so far and had it's own little journey. Now I may sound old fashioned but it still amazes that something like that can travel so far from one address to another.

In the parcel I recieved a card with a friendly paragraph giving me a few cultural facts on Canada and asking how I was There was also a huge Canadian flag in there and cute little moose key ring.


Grilled cheese sandwich

Cheese is said to cause nightmares, but the other night when my sister made us both grilled cheese sandwiches we both had really realistic, detailed, lucid dreams.


Good evening

Hi everyone, thought I'd make a more personal/fashion type blog. I have a tumblr, but a lot of it is just regurgitated from the internet.