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Monday's festivities

Whenever I read other blogs, I always find picture posts of what they've done in the week really interesting. So, I've decided to do one - for a change. Although, this all happened in one day.

1. A cardigan for my work Secret Santa. 2. I love Paperchase's wrapping paper so much. 3. Christmas decorations 4. My gift for my second Secret Santa (Possibly the best Christmas card I've ever found.) 5. On a shopping trip with friends from Uni. We ended up playing on the Wii in the middle of the shopping centre. 6. Obligatory Nando's photo. I now love Nandos! 7. A cute hat that I bought for the winter weather. 8. An ounce of satire.


  1. That wrapping paper's adorable (so's the hat)! I've never tried Nandos, I've been meaning to.

  2. Aww thank you! And you should try it! If you ever go order the herb and lemon half chicken (If you can't handle too much spice like me). :) It was only my second time there :o xxx

  3. great holiday inspiration! 

  4. Definitely love it! Great ideas in a great blog!


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