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Carola Remer

This is another favourite model of mine, I've realised that I like certain features on models, hence the ressemblance between Carola Remer and Lily Donaldson. I used pencil and fineliner for this one (I seem to be using them a lot lately). The fineliner helped make the eyes stand out that little bit more and made the shape of the face a bit bolder. It's ended up being greyer than planned, but that's because the scanner brightness was set too high. Oh well, I think I quite like the final outcome!

I hope you've all had a wonderful Christmas! I can't believe it's 2012 in 6 days, time really does fly. See you all in the new year!

P.s. There is a link to the motivational/study playlist on the navigation bar - if you're interested. It includes the ten songs I posted a few days amongst others.


  1. looove this illustration!! the eyes...they're amazing.

  2. Thanks Shabna, I hope your Christmas dinner went well! xxx

  3. Thanks Frida :) hope you had a good Christmas! xxx

  4. This is so amazing! 
    I love drawings like these :)

    Happy Holidays!

    Stop by sometime, xoxo Natalie

  5. You are seriously so talented, like i cant stop staring at this picture its incredible!! As is your newest post, i just love all of those drawings! [your comment thing wasnt working for me though on that post] Listening to your playlist now-lovin the classic Kasabian + Elbow! Hope you had an amazing christmas! Xxx

  6. This is stunning, I can't believe you drew this... amazing. I always love big eyes on models, or big lips. Never both on the same face though x

  7. Thanks Natalie :) Happy holidays to you too! xxx

  8.  Aww thanks Molly it means a lot to me! And I know what you mean about the disqus comments :S sometime the option doesn't show up on other blogs I go on. I'll have to have a google and see if I can combat the problem. xxx

  9. omg. this is great !
    visit mine ?


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