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Brown sketchbook

I bought a brown paper sketchbook after work on Sunday. I'd been meaning to buy one for a while because I just love how you can highlight features with white pencil crayons. I really want to fill it with more abstract stuff. On these two drawings I've kind of stuck to what I know and used similar shades, but next time I might try and throw some oil pastels into the mix (if I can remember where I left them). Ahhh I love drawing. I was meant to be doing some reading for Uni, but sometimes you need a break, you need to do something you love to rejuvenate yourself.

The two models I used are Gemma Ward and Lily Donaldson. Enjoy your week people!


  1. So beautiful! You are quite talented.

    x. jill
    those ghosts

  2. I have four books to read but I much prefer spending my time with my head buried in my sketch book! I love these drawings, great use of light and shade.

  3. love these! you have such a lovely blog :)

    ♥mollie from musicandmollie


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