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Here's a little wintery tune for your good selves to enjoy. I think the Wintery picture really matches the song. For those of you that like it, the song is called 'Catholic Pagans' and it's by Surfer Blood. I'm really liking this band at the moment.

Picture from weheartit, drawing by me.


  1. I love that you're posting more! (I don't want to jinx it) x hivenn

  2. Awww thank you :D I love posting more too! I love your recent photos btw, especially the ones where you've collaborated with a friend that does make-up. How's the Canon AE-1 camera? I was thinking of getting one eventually :) xxx

  3. Sorry I missed your previous posts, I love your sketchbook/drawings - they're great! Sadly I don't have a fella but I do wish my drawing could come alive haha! Although with a head of course!

    Yes, chocolate and tea are perfect for the colder days - it's the law in my book! :D

  4. I love the song! & Thanks for the tip on your last post! Such a good idea to mix art in with your studies! I believe I will be trying that out soon!

    Satin&Souffles xx


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