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Art journal update 28/05/11

Seriously people, ink and bleach is the future! For the lettering on the first photo I had a spare bit of paper that I'd used ink and bleach on and it's created this cloudy-night-sky effect - and I don't think that it even took long to do. So if you need to label up your pages for an art project I suggest this technique as it's quick.

The first page is of a mock up of my final piece, but it technically isn't a mock up since I did the final piece before it. But oh well, you have to please the examiners. This final piece wasn't even my idea, it was my art teacher's. I did another one originally but he basically said I needed to do his idea. You'd think in A2 art you'd be free to explore your own ideas. I'll be glad to get this project over with. I want to draw/paint fashion, not fish.

Last two photos: watercolour, ink and then bleach. Engraved oil pastel.

Recently I've had an influx of followers, so thank you very much for that! Right now I have a problem on my dashboard, whenever I click followers it doesn't show me who's actually following, so if you like, drop me a comment and I'll be sure to check your blog out.


  1. Wow, this is so pretty! You're obviously very talented at art, although it must be frustrating to not be able to draw what you want. Im one of your new followers haha, love your blog! Xxx

  2. That is a good idea with the ink and bleach, the title actually looks like a cloudy night sky ha. You've done an amazing job here, looks really good x

  3. Wow, you can tell this is really good because I have a phobia of fish and I got slightly panic-y while looking at these pictures! Hahah. Your very talented :)

  4. this is wonderfully beautiful! So talented

  5. This is so wonderfully pretty. You're really talented! I love the night sky effect you created. It looks amazing :)

  6. Hey nice paintings, its so cool to find some british blogs since I really dont know any big ones besides susie bubble do you know any more?

    Love your bag in the pictures below!!



  7. You're really talented!

    Juliet xxx

  8. I love the look of these works! The vibrant colours are so wonderful and expressive. I used to produce to the final and then the mock ups, it was just the way I worked back then haha! You'll do well, I'm sure of it! :)

  9. These are very very pretty, your so talented! Love the YSL ring sketches above too - absolutely gorgeous x

  10. wow amazing artwork! loooove it!

    great blog xx

  11. wow, these are amazing and the colouring is outstanding

  12. Ahh I remember my GCSE art teacher being so restrictive :( It's pretty annoying! But at college my tutor was so much better.
    You have made fish look extremely pretty though! I love how you used ink and bleach, interesting combo :)

  13. wow that is just amazing :o


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