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Alexey Kurbatov

I found this illustrator whilst doing my contextual studies and I am in still in love with his artwork and the various styles. If you look on his portfolio site you will see that Kurbatov is extremely versatile with a wide range of mediums. I think that sometimes (when studying art at school/college) it's nice to mention a new name to the examiner. They'll be so used to seeing Van Gogh, Monet, Dali and Magritte - who are great but a modern day artist is a nice change and really exhibits your interest for the subject.

This artist and this video combined inspired me to purchase some water brushes. They allow you to do these sort of detailed watercolour/gouache paintings. Luckily they came today! I'm really looking forward to summer just because I'll have freedom/time to draw/paint whatever I want in my Moleskine.

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