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Recently I've been really busy but I have so many ideas for posts. But seriously, my half term wasn't even a break, I was doing something every day. On one of the days, Saturday I think, I went to a vintage store then the cinemas with two of my friends. We wanted to see "Just go with it" but that was on in the evening and it was lunchtime. So we saw "Big momma" instead hahaha. After we went to a sweet shop! They make me so excited and giddy, one of my dream jobs would actually be to own an old fashioned sweet shop. Ahhhh. Anyway, it was lovely and so colourful. Reminded me of my youth.


  1. These pictures are so cute! I definitely have a sugar craving now, ahah.

  2. I want everything. Especially the heart lolly. I love millions!


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