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First drawing I've done in ages

Recently my art work has been a little neglected so I decided to do some to make up for wasted time. I'm making an attempt at drawing a girl's face in fragmented, glass pieces. It's hard but it's not looking too bad. I'm doing this because the theme of my new project is called "Exploration and Discovery", the examiners will be expecting drawings of ships sailing abroad and stuff but I don't want to do that. I like drawing people so I'm going to link it in by saying I'm exploring and discovering identity. Good idea? Hehe. I think we have about 4 weeks left for this project and I've not even started it, I have 2 pages of sketchbook work so far. Oh dear. I'll catch up :)

Also, the other day I was messing about (like you do) and I made these two ink pictures. I really like theme and they didn't even take that long! They remind me of the ocean or some kind of cove.


  1. Wow, interesting way of working. Really like the idea of the shattered glass. It's looking great so far, the detailing to the eye is fantastic!

    Love the ink pieces, ink is such a lovely media to use I think, you never know what to expect when you drip it on the paper.

    Love to see more.

    Katie. x

  2. Your drawing looks beautiful so far! You are very talented :)

    I also really like the ink pictures <3

  3. wow, you are really very talented! those ink pictures are somethings i would frame in my house. you have a lovely blog. and thank you so much for stopping by my blog and also voting and the kind words!! very sweet and i hope you have a lovely week!


  4. those ink drawings are absolutely incredible, i love them! i definitely get ocean vibes from them too.


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