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Coffee bean

You know like when you're becoming a pilot you earn your 'wings'? Well I've just earnt my coffee bean badge at work - which I see as the equivalent haha. (Some of you might already know that I work part time a coffee shop). Receiving this means I am no longer in training and I can now make all the drinks yay! I love the word 'barista'. I seriously use it too much. I'm really happy though, because I've had an "in training" ribbon stuck under my name badge since summer. I'd completed my training booklet since then, but with a new boss joining the team I guess it kind of just got forgotten about.

Oh my, I think I have the cold again. Actually, I know for sure. It really isn't nice, I keep sniffling and my friends keep thinking I'm upset because I look like I'm crying haha.


  1. Gorgeous, love simple details like that

    d e g a i n e

  2. Congrats! The pin is so stylish and minimal--LOVE IT.
    Wish I worked at a coffee shop lol!


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