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Beauty starts here

After today's pointlessness of having only one lesson, I came home at one feeling a little bit creative. To take advantage of this productive impulse I got out my watercolours and a few pens and did a fashion illustration. The person I've used is one of my favourite bloggers - who I only found recently. The other day she posted a lovely outfit and the photo of her was stunning. I had to use it for something! I've not posted it right now because I'm planning to do some more of the people I'm following. I think they'll look nicer together, as a set.

I also really want to post more pictures of my outfits on here, I bought a lovely, bold playsuit the other day from a vintage store called COW, if you've never heard of them they are definitely worth checking out. I bought some old Levis Strauss jeans there for £3! They had a small hole in them, but I'm going to turn them into shorts so that doesn't really matter.

College is sort of lagging at the moment, I've just finished my 2500 word draft for english so I'm really glad that's out of the way. It was such a burden. Also I seriously need to crack on with some more art-work. I think I will get some done, because making this blog has given me a reason to do some illustrations. It feels like I'm doing them for fun. Then this thursday I get my Psychology grade back from my January Exam, it counts for 25% of my final mark so I'm really hoping it's an A.
Fingers crossed!

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  1. I look forward to seeing your pictures! And def do share your outfits :) <3


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