COCOSKIES | An art blog: Art journal update 30/03/11


Art journal update 30/03/11

Above: collages for my first project on journeys. The drawings over to top are supposed to be coconut tree leaves, but on some you can't tell. I guess I just posted this because I liked how the page was layed out.

My friend opened her birthday present from me which was a Diana camera and she loved it, I was so happy :). In other news, my other friend has just passed her driving test so she's been driving us everywhere. I got off the bus 8 stops early just so we could go for a cruising session. I want to try Taco Bell, on "Sixteen and pregnant" they're eating these cheesey nacho things - which look delicious. Come on UK, we need new places to eat!


  1. So pretty! They actually have a taco bell in the USA embassy up north ;) x hivennn

  2. This is gorgeous! And when I studied abroad in Europe this summer all I could think about was eating Taco Bell, so I understand your pain, haha.

  3. Your collage looks great!

    I recently passed my driving test and I love cruising with friends - I'm not even sure why!


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