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New art project and gladiator wedges

Now I'm not normally a shoe person, I usually go for the bags. But the other day before work I went to New Look and found these badboys on sale, in my size! I'd been looking for something just like this the previous summer and now I've found them. Tears. Of. Joy.

Shoes: New Look £8

Anyway less about spending now. At college we're starting a new art project with the title "Exploration", they are deliberately vague to enable more ideas to be generated. Which is good, because it means that you can draw anything you wantthen link it all up in writing at the end. So I'm going to do Haute Couture, because I absolutely love drawing people and I feel so inspired when I see fashion illustrations (especially David Downton's). So yeah I'm really excited about this project. Drawing fish is a little tedious now. I'll try and post a few sketches on here when I start them.

Omg River Island has made their debut on ASOS wahooo!

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