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Little ideas for your bedroom

I've been meaning to do a post like this for a while now. But I prolonged it hoping to come up with more tips. Right here we go (I hope you find this useful):

Idea one: Earrings! This is such a simple way to display your earrings. All you need is an A4 sheet of paper. It can be any kind, don't worry about having to use card. Earrings are relatively light so they won't break the paper. As you can see from the photos, I've only used an old magazine page and that's managed to stay intact. Be creative and find some of your favourite wrapping paper or decorate it yourself. Once you've decided on the paper grab a hole-punch and... well, puncture holes! You may need to fold the paper over for the middle sections, but that's kind of obvious. Once you're done pin it on to your noticeboard. What I love about this is that you can see ALL your earrings and you don't have to fiddle around in a draw.

Idea two: stationary storage. When I was in the Philippines a couple of years ago I went to a hardware store and I found a cheap plastic box. Now, I'm sure the intended use of it is probably for screws or sewing needles and thread. But I use it to put all my 'cutesy' stationary in. You can slide the different plastic pannels so they are tailored for your items! I like things when they're all together like this, that way, I can use them easily and everything's easier to pack away.

Idea three: make-shift white board. When I was little I bought a picture of a baby seal ar a school fair for about 30p. It was basically an A4 sheet of glass with a magazine picture wedged between the glass and some cork board. After a bit I grew a bit bored of seeing the same picture, so I took it out, placed some white paper underneath and a pressed rose I got given from a friend. I now use it as a mini whiteboard to remind me of events happening in the week. You can decorate your own however you like! Maybe find some nice gift wrap or make a collage - but remember not to make it too complicated because your writing might not look legible over the top. If you haven't got a picture lying around like mine, have a look in a charity shop/thrift store, everytime I go in they ALWAYS have a box of old picture frames.

Idea four: Shelf decor. For my eighteenth birthday one of my friends had wrapped me a present using this nice material. I wanted to use it somehow but didn't know. So, I hung it from the top of the shelf, using heavy books and I've folded it round the bottom edge and pinned it. The two good things about it is; if you're shelf is relatively plain in really brightens it up and two, it keeps all the dust of my lovely perfume bottles. Again if you haven't got any material lying around, go down to a charity shop/thrift store and see if they have any (a scarf could also be used, but don't use it if it's a nice one you can wear ^_^)


  1. That storage box would be helpful right now :/ Maybe they have it at the Container store. BTW love the concept of this, post more!

  2. Thanks for sharing such great and cute ideas!!! Thanks for stoppin' by my blog!!!

  3. Thanks Asia :D I'm sure most places will sell something similar. Also I still need to find your blog so I can follow you :)


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