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Belated Secret Santa

I really wanted to make a post about this on the day it came but I forgot. About two days ago a mysterious parcel arrived with my name on it sent all the way from Canada! I opened it and realised that it was from my secret santa at a message board I post at. My secret santa, Alyse, had been so generous in what she sent too! I was overjoyed because that was the day it had been raining relentlessly and I'd just got home from college - soaking wet. I'll be honest, it really did brighten my day. I like the sentiment that is delivered with a card/parcel, I like knowing that someone has taken some time out of their day to write something lovely (in their own handwriting) and I like knowing that the parcel itself has travelled so far and had it's own little journey. Now I may sound old fashioned but it still amazes that something like that can travel so far from one address to another.

In the parcel I recieved a card with a friendly paragraph giving me a few cultural facts on Canada and asking how I was There was also a huge Canadian flag in there and cute little moose key ring.


  1. that moose key ring is so cute and OMG a flag!!

  2. I love it!! Haha I shall cherish it forever :')


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