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Pearls and bows

Necklace: £2.50 | Bracelet: £2.50 | Earrings (set of 3): £1

After seeing Chanel's jewellery designs on the runway a couple of years ago, I have to say I've loved the combination of pearls and bows in jewellery ever since. Pearls have remained a timeless, must-have accessory for generations and undoubtedly will do for years to come. Simple pastel coloured bows really do seem to quietly compliment pearl necklaces and give them a classic yet minimalistic look.

Bearing this in mind, before work yesterday I thought I'd kill some time by having a look at Primark's jewellery selection. Normally, I feel they go a little over the top and make everything look tacky, but yesterday they actually had some decent stuff. SO, I bought a few things!

I'm thinking of mailing a bracelet like this to my next secret santa recipient.

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