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Mac Chatterbox lipstick

For Christmas I recieved a giftcard for Debenhams, so I thought I'd invest in my first piece of MAC make-up. What made me buy this shade was a tutorial I saw on youtube, it's just a really simple, everyday colour with a light pink tinge to it. I'll probably post a picture of what it looks like on some other time (when I haven't got a massive spot).


  1. The colour looks gorgeous!
    Where do you live? I've never seen a MAC counter in my local debenhams xo

  2. I got this from the Debenhams in Meadowhall, Sheffield - which (judging by the website) is one of the only places to have a mac counter. It's silly though because you'd think it was popular enough to be in all stores. Maybe it's because Meadowhall is a popular shopping centre I don't know :/


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